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You have already completed the most important step by deciding to take this training. Before we go further, we would like you to take a moment and consider why you are taking this training.

  • Are you taking this course because you want to?
  • Because it is required for work or school?
  • Because someone told you, you need to be better at self-care?

Question 1. How much do you already know about self-care? (Choose a response)

This training includes resources and information to help you build valuable skills.

Feel free to complete lessons on familiar topics more quickly and spend more time on ones that are new or interesting to you.

It can be helpful to clarify what you know and fill in any gaps in understanding. We can offer you some challenges so you can see how you do.

Question 2. How eager are you to get started with this training? (Choose a response)

Great! We hope you find the training informative and useful.

Take a few moments to read the lesson contents below to get a better sense of what’s ahead.

Thanks for your honesty! Starting is the hardest part. Set aside time each day to complete one lesson.