How to Use HIFIS and its Functionalities

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How to Use HIFIS and its Functionalities

Engaging service providers on implementing a Homelessness Management Information System (HMIS) and supporting ongoing data management is a significant undertaking. Strategies and project planning are essentials aspects of any successful implementation. It also requires the collaboration of service providers, front line users, and clients to leverage multidisciplinary team and create change.

This collection of resources is intended to support HIFIS users in communities. It is comprised of a user guide which describes the multiple modules and functionalities and explains the steps on how to use them. The collection of resources also includes videos and recorded webinars which provide detailed information on specific modules and functionalities.

HIFIS is a web-enabled HMIS that can provide communities with the information they need to further their efforts with addressing homelessness. It allows multiple service providers from the same geographic area to implement coordinated access using real-time information about people experiencing homelessness and the resources they need to find and keep a home.

By adopting HIFIS, communities acquire the capacity to collect homelessness sector information that can be used to monitor existing trends, support decision-making and contribute to advancing the understanding of homelessness in Canada.

A series of collection of resources on HIFIS including a collection of resources is available:

HIFIS News and General Information

Get Started on HIFIS Implementation

How to Install and Configure HIFIS

– How to Use HIFIS and its Functionalities

HIFIS Regional Workshops Series 2019-2020

Designated Communities that receive Reaching Home funding though ESDC are required to have a coordinated access system in place by March 31, 2022. The Reaching Home – Coordinated Access resource provides guidance and detailed information on how to design, implement and operate Coordinated Access in communities across Canada. Resources on Coordinated Access such as the Reaching Home Coordinated Access Guide are available to support communities in their effort in preventing and reducing homelessness.


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