HIFIS Modules & How They Are Used


HIFIS Modules & How They Are Used

This page is comprised of a series of one-page documents that describe the various modules and features in HIFIS and how they can be used. It also includes a video that briefly describes the features of HIFIS for version 4.0.59, and is a great resource for new and experienced communities alike. The video describes all the modules that currently exist in HIFIS along with their benefits and intended uses. It is recommended that communities watch it when they are planning their implementation or expanding their use of HIFIS. The video is currently available in English only.


Admissions in HIFIS

Calls and Visits

Case Management in HIFIS


Consent in HIFIS

Coordinated Access Resource Inventory in HIFIS

Directory of Services

Diversion in HIFIS

Encampments in HIFIS

Housing Placements in HIFIS

Using the Coordinated Access Module