HIFIS Release Reference Guide


HIFIS Release Reference Guide

The Homeless Individuals and Families Information System (HIFIS) release includes several new Coordinated Access functionalities to support communities to shift towards real-time, data-driven decision-making. Enhancements include: 

  • improvements to strengthen housing history data entry, 
  • automatic calculation of chronic homelessness based on the Reaching Home definition, 
  • an integrated Unique Identifier List (or By-Name List), and more.

HIFIS Reference Guide is intended to help HIFIS Leads, Coordinated Access Leads, and HIFIS Administrators understand and use the new Coordinated Access enhancements launched with HIFIS release Community trainers are also encouraged to use this Reference Guide to develop training materials tailored to the needs of their respective local context.

The Reference Guide covers some best practices that communities can establish or reinforce to realize the full potential of HIFIS. It describes the new release 59.1 functionalities in the context of Coordinated Access systems, and provides instructions on how to use them.

A companion Frequently Asked Questions document has also been developed to provide additional practical guidance on the implementation of release 59.1 and the use of the Coordinated Access module with an Integrated Unique Identifier List. 

To obtain the Microsoft Word version of the Reference Guide, contact the HIFIS Client Support Centre at support@HIFIS.ca


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