The HIFIS User Guide

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The HIFIS User Guide

The HIFIS Toolkit assists communities in the implementation of Coordinated Access and HIFIS in communities and is composed of four guides.

1. The HIFIS Implementation Guide

2. The HIFIS Installation Guide

3. The HIFIS Configuration Guide

4. The HIFIS User Guide

The HIFIS User Guide is intended to provide assistance to HIFIS trainers or front-line workers on how to use HIFIS. Each module covered in the User Guide includes a description and HIFIS screen captures to help users navigate the system. This is followed by a step-by-step process for each function within the module.

As communities are expected to configure HIFIS to allow users to only view and access the modules and information they need to do their job (see HIFIS Implementation and HIFIS Configuration Guides), only certain sections of this User Guide may be relevant to users. For this reason, communities are invited to modify and tailor this guide to their employees’ needs.