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Homelessness among Women & Gender-Diverse People

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Key Messages:

  • Experiences of homelessness are different for women, girls and gender-diverse people.
  • Homelessness services are gendered which means they are designed to address the needs of single adult males.
  • Women and gender-diverse people are overrepresented in homeless populations, but their experiences are frequently invisible and therefore overlooked by formal data and reporting tools.
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Women’s Homelessness & Housing Need

This lesson is an introduction to the conditions and experiences of homelessness for women and gender-diverse people.  The lesson explores the unique needs and challenges of hidden homelessness, the most predominant form of homelessness experienced by women and gender-diverse people.

Lesson objectives:

  • Discuss beliefs and assumptions about women’s homelessness
  • Describe the unique causes & conditions of homelessness for women and gender-diverse people
  • Explain the impacts of poverty and violence on homelessness and housing need