Community Homelessness Report: HIFIS Report


Community Homelessness Report: HIFIS Report

This e-course was developed to support communities with completing Section 4 of their Reaching Home Community Homelessness Report (CHR). The Community Homelessness Report: HIFIS Report provides Community-Level Outcomes to assist communities with Reaching Home reporting requirements and to compare their results against local targets over time. It includes overall homelessness, chronic homelessness, Indigenous homelessness, newly identified, and returns to homelessness.

For details on the full CHR, see the CHR Reporting tools e-course, linked here.

This e-course consists of four resources:

  1. The CHR HIFIS Report Guide

The CHR: HIFIS Report Guide is intended to help HIFIS Leads, HIFIS Administrators and Coordinated Access Leads benefit from HIFIS’ ability to calculate the Reaching Home core outcomes and to support HIFIS-using communities improve their understanding of local homelessness trends, using data from their Unique Identifier List (List, otherwise known as a By-Name List).

  1. The CHR HIFIS Report Guide Frequently Asked Questions

A companion document to provide additional practical guidance on the Report.

  1. The CHR HIFIS Report Guide Flowchart and Scenarios

A companion document to demonstrate the logic behind CHR HIFIS Report calculations of the 5 Outcomes of Section 4: Community-Level Outcomes of the CHR. For instructions about how to read the flow charts, consult the legend located on page 2.

4. Webinar: Using HIFIS for the Community Homelessness Report: The CHR HIFIS Report

To support the understanding of the CHR HIFIS Report, this webinar explains how HIFIS calculates the five core outcomes of the CHR:

  • Fewer people experience homelessness (homelessness is reduced overall)
  • Fewer people were newly identified (new inflows to homelessness are reduced)
  • Fewer people return to homelessness from housing or transitional housing (returns to homelessness are reduced)
  • Fewer Indigenous peoples experience homelessness (Indigenous homelessness is reduced)
  • Fewer people experience chronic homelessness (chronic homelessness is reduced)

For questions about this Report, reach out to the HIFIS Client Support Centre at