Pandemic Planning & Response: COVID-19

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Pandemic Planning & Response: COVID-19

Being homeless means you are more vulnerable to the spread of infectious disease than people with housing. The rigours of life on the streets mean that people experiencing homelessness have compromised health and are vulnerable to the spread of infectious disease.

People experiencing homelessness or are provisionally housed are regularly forced into congregate settings that are often overcrowded, lack private spaces and do not have adequate resources to enhance and protect personal hygiene. Many are also forced to spend much or all of their time in public spaces. All of this suggests that we need additional measures to address the needs of people experiencing homelessness.

We hope the resources provided on this platform will support frontline workers in their efforts to plan and respond to the COVID-19 outbreak (and pandemics overall) and minimize the effects to their respective communities. We will be adding NEW resources regularly.

This collection of resources provides three focuses:

  1. Homelessness and pandemic resources
  2. Youth homelessness COVID-19 resources
  3. Indigenous homelessness and pandemic resources


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