Training Series on Employment Equity

Training Series on Employment Equity

Module 1: Hybrid Work and Performance Management

Employers and employees have been leaning into the benefits of hybrid work. In this session, some of the nuances, opportunities, and challenges of navigating hybrid work and performance management are unpacked. This module equips managers, employers, and business leaders to reimagine policies, practices, and cultures that put people first.


Module 2:  Bold Steps to Inclusion

This session will unpack some of the strategies for identifying and addressing subtle acts of exclusion or microaggressions and moving forward on Bold Steps to Inclusion. This module will assist individuals and organizations in understanding how to have these conversations in an open and honest manner. It will also help with recognizing and preventing microaggressions, allowing all employees to feel a sense of belonging.

Module 3: Advancing Trauma-Informed Approaches in the Workplace

This session will unpack what it means to be trauma-informed as an organization and how workplaces can build environments that cultivate safety, trust and compassion that ultimately lead to diverse and productive teams.