Webinar Series: Harm Reduction and COVID-19

  • COVID-19
  • Exiting Homelessness
  • Prevention
  • Service Delivery

Webinar Series: Harm Reduction and COVID-19

In this 2-part webinar series recorded in Spring 2020, community based researcher, Bernie Pauly, addresses harm reduction strategies for the housing and homeless-serving sector. She also provides answers to participant questions.

Webinar: Harm Reduction Policies and Interventions During COVID-19

In Part 1, the focus is one how frontline staff can keep clients safe and a range of policies and interventions that can be put in practice. 

Webinar: Creating Effective Organizational Harm Reduction Policies & Culture in the Context of COVID 19

In Part 2, Bernie Pauly shares a framework for creating effective organizational harm reduction policies and culture in the context of COVID-19.