Survivor Stories

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Survivor Stories

The stories below are drawn from personal experience and told by survivors of human trafficking. Stories of first-hand experience help shed light on the tactics used to groom and recruit young people. They also provide insight into the types of supports needed to help people get free of perpetrators and regain control of their lives.

Karly’s story

Karly talks about the stages of exploitation while drawing upon her personal experiences. Karly helps educators understand how they can help elicit change. Karly is a Crisis Intervention Counselor, Social Service Worker, and advocate for survivors of domestic sex trafficking.

Casandra’s story

Casandra shares a harrowing story of her experience inside modern day brothels: in this raw and honest talk, learn about the systemic issues that enable businesses to operate in plain sight and how you can help to advocate for change.

Jade and Caroline

Jade was trafficked from Halifax to Toronto when she was 17 years old. Read Jade’s story below.

For eight years, Caroline was forced to dance in strip clubs in cities along highways 402 and 401. Follow the link below to read Caroline’s story.