Reaching Home Leadership Enhancement Workbook

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Reaching Home Leadership Enhancement Workbook

Launched at the February 2020 Forum for Reaching Home Community Entities (CEs) hosted by Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC), the Reaching Home Leadership Enhancement Workbook is intended to support homeless-sector leaders, including CE representatives and Community Advisory Board (CAB) members, with engaging in important topics related to preventing and reducing homelessness. More specifically, the Workbook includes a series of 50 questions that can be used to help frame discussions at the local level under three themes: Leadership Capacity and Momentum; Funding and Performance; and Systems-Based Leaderships and Partnerships.

The Workbook is a publication of the Government of Canada with contributions from OrgCode Consulting Inc. The Workbook will form part of a new e-course called Reaching Home Training for CEs scheduled for release in spring 2021 by the Homelessness Policy Directorate (HPD) at ESDC.

Use of the Workbook by Reaching Home CEs and CABs is not a requirement of the Reaching Home program. CEs and CABs from all Reaching Home funding streams can use this tool to support their implementation of the program.


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