The HIFIS Installation Guide

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The HIFIS Installation Guide

The HIFIS Toolkit assists communities in the implementation of Coordinated Access and HIFIS in communities and is composed of four guides.

1. The HIFIS Implementation Guide

2. The HIFIS Installation Guide

3. The HIFIS Configuration Guide

4. The HIFIS User Guide

This HIFIS Installation Guide is for the individual(s) responsible for the installation of HIFIS. The HIFIS Installation Guide covers the minimum technical requirements for installation; the overall HIFIS system architecture; and the steps needed to install and configure HIFIS on a server. The guide is divided into two parts: the first with the installation steps and explanation, and the second with complementary screenshots.

The Installation Guide can be used with the Implementation Guide, which covers the activities leading and following the installation of HIFIS, and the Configuration Guide, which provides the steps to configure HIFIS.