Data Management eLearning Course for HIFIS

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Data Management eLearning Course for HIFIS

This interactive eLearning course aims to help HIFIS Leads and Coordinated Access Leads to value data as a tool to support effective service delivery and decision-making within the housing and homelessness response system. The direct link will open the 4 module course which includes animated videos and knowledge check activities at the end of each module. You can self-direct your learning through the modules and leave and return to the course as needed. The course takes about 2.5 hours to complete.

The course aims to meet the following objectives:

  • Explain the concept of data management and its importance in the context of homelessness service provision
  • Identify sources of data quality issues and approaches for resolving them
  • Highlight the responsibilities and potential tasks of a data steward
  • Provide directions on how to improve data management
  • Explain the concept of the data lifecycle and its application to data management in HIFIS

We hope you enjoy the course and find it useful. If you would like to share feedback on the course please email to: