Point-in-Time Count Preparation

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Point-in-Time Count Preparation

This collection of resurces provides guidance and tools for the preparation stage of a Point-in-Time (PiT) Count. In this stage, communities determine the areas to be surveyed, finalize any additional survey questions as well as develop a plan for the day of the count. In this plan, communities should include information on the location of the headquarters and the resources needed on the PiT count day, for example. This is Part 2 in a four-part series:

1. PIT Count Planning

2. PIT Count Preparation

3. PIT Count Implementation

4. PIT Count – Post Count

A Point-in-Time Count is a one-day snapshot of homelessness in each community that contributes to a national picture and advance the knowledge on homelessness. It provides a community-wide measure of homelessness, identifying service needs and informing plans to prevent and reduce homelessness. When completed over subsequent years, it can also be used to track changes in the homeless population over time and measure progress in reducing it.


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