HIFIS Regional Workshops Series 2019-2020

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HIFIS Regional Workshops Series 2019-2020

To engage communities on implementing a Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) and on data management, strategies and project planning are essentials aspects for any successful implementation. It also requires the collaboration of service providers, front line users, and clients to leverage multidisciplinary team and create change.

A series of regional workshops brought together, in Fall 2019, Reaching Home Designated Community (DCs) representatives to support them on HIFIS implementation, with formal presentations, group discussion and facilitated activities. This learning opportunity provided participants with information and resources to support the implementation of HIFIS in communities, and provided a forum for participants to develop and strengthen partnerships. Topics presented during the training session included: coordinated access and the role of HMIS, privacy and security, data lifecycle, configuration planning, how to manage change and system planning.

This collection of resources provides information on how to build competencies regarding foundational principles and processes with respect to the implementation and management of HIFIS. Specifically, this collection of resources are comprised of all presentations from the workshops including presentations from communities on their implementation experiences, best practices and strategies. A series of resources on HIFIS is available:

HIFIS News and General Information

Get Started on HIFIS Implementation

How to Install and Configure HIFIS

How to Use HIFIS and its Functionalities

– HIFIS Regional Workshops Series 2019-2020


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